The Nanostructured Spintronics Lab


Principal Investigator

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Professor Trisha L. Andrew

(608) 262-1502
Room 6329A Chemistry (Daniels Tower)

Postdoctoral Associate


Dr. Jingjing Zhang

Joined group: October 2014
Email: jzhang[at]

Ph.D. 2014, Tufts University with Prof. Samuel W. Thomas III

Graduate Student Researchers

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Yuelin Peng

(Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Joined group: September 2012
Email: peng25[at]

M.S. 2011, South Dakota State University with Prof. Alfred Andrawis
B.S. 2007, Northwestern Polytechnical University, P. R. China

Project: OLED Fabrication, Charge Recombination in Spin-Polarized Solar Cells, Engineering Awesomeness

Yuelin joined Nanospin Lab in the Fall of 2012 as a graduate student in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. Her current research focuses on fabricating and testing optoelectronic and spintronic devices, such as OLEDs, OPVs, and spin valves, that contain high-spin organic semiconductors in the active layer. She is also responsible for setting up and maintaining the equipment in the fabrication lab. She enjoys movies, music, and delicious food.

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Gregory P. Eyer

(Chemistry, Materials)

Joined group: November 2012
Email: geyer[at]

B.S. 2012 (Chemistry and Spanish), Allegheny College

Project: Condensed-Phase Magnetic Properties of Small-Molecule Organic Semiconductors

Greg joined Nanospin Lab in the fall of 2012 as a graduate student in Materials Chemistry. He began his research synthesizing and characterizing small molecule stable radicals and stable radical substituted chromophores that will be incorporated into organic electronic devices, such as solar cells and spin valves. Now he is studying organic small molecule semiconductors which exhibit intrinsic condensed-phase paramagnetic states. In his free time he enjoys running, working on his motorcycle, and abusing his library card.

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Lushuai Zhang

(Materials Science & Engineering)

Joined group: January 2013
Email: lushuaizhang[at]

M.S. 2009, Zhejiang University, P. R. China
B.S. 2007, Zhejiang University, P. R. China

Project: Thin Film Characterization of Open-Shell Organic Semiconductors, Oxidative Chemical Vapor Deposition of Radicals

Lushuai joined Nanospin Lab in January 2013. Her research focuses on the following:
1) Understanding the optical, electronic and magnetic properties of novel open-shell organic semiconductors both intrinsically and at heterointerfaces with inorganic materials and traditional closed-shell organic materials. 2) Improving properties of heterojunctions by manipulating spin transfer dynamics of spin-polarized materials to increase device performance. 3) Generating organic semiconductor thin films in-situ using oxidative CVD to realize highly conformal coating on varied substrates, and fabricating high-performance flexible devices using this technique.

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Morgan Baima

(Materials Science & Engineering)

Joined group: September 2013
Email: morgan.baima[at]

B.S. 2010 (Chemistry and French), St. Edwards University

Project: Physical Vapor and Oxidative Chemical Vapor Deposition of Organic Semiconductors

Morgan joined Nanospin Lab in the Fall of 2013 as a graduate student in the Materials Science Program. She is currently working on depositing thin films of open-shell organic semiconductors that will ultimately be incorporated into organic electronic devices, like solar cells and spin valves. In her free time, she enjoys ultimate frisbee, ballroom dancing, wallyball, and league trivia.

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Ben Pollock

(Chemistry, Materials)

Joined group: November 2013
Email: bpollock[at]

B.S. 2013, Hope College

Project: Sub-Diffraction Optical Nanolithography Enabled by Organic Photochromes

Ben joined Nanospin Lab in the fall of 2013 as a graduate student in materials chemistry. The focus of his research is to develop organic photochromes which will enable optical nanolithography to produce pattern dimensions below the diffraction barrier by a process called absorbance modulation. His project involves the synthesis and photophysical characterization of photochromic systems. Outside of the lab, Ben enjoys drawing, live music, urban hiking, and the rich craft-brewing culture of Madison.



Nolan Blythe

(Chemistry, Materials)

Joined group: November 2014
Email: nblythe[at]



Nongyi Cheng

(Chemistry, Materials)

Joined group: November 2014
Email: ncheng[at]

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Wei Li

(Materials Science & Engineering)

Joined group: November 2014
Email: wli284[at]

Undergraduate Student Researcher

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Jimmy Ji

(Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)

Joined group: June 2014
Email: jhji[at]

Our Student Offices are located on the sixth floor of the Daniels tower in Rooms 6313 and 6359.


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Dr. Brandon Kobilka

Ph.D. 2013, Iowa State University with Prof. Malika Jeffries-El
B.S. 2005, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Nick R. Myllenbeck

M.S. 2014, University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.S. 2011, University of California-Berkeley


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