Welcome to the Nanostructured Spintronics Lab
(aka the Andrew Lab) at the University of Wisconsin!

We are synthetic chemists and device engineers interested in:
(1) Understanding spin transport in organic semiconductors
(2) Synthesizing chromophores containing spin 1/2 moieties
(3) Fabricating large-area organic nanostructured devices

We are experts in molecular semiconductor and conjugated polymer synthesis, and optoelectronic device fabrication.
We use a mixture of traditional organic synthesis, ultra high-vacuum physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition,
sputtering, and e-beam deposition to make unique materials and devices containing open-shell (radical) materials.

Our labs were established in August 2012. Check out our Research and Publications pages for more information on our science!

Our Spring 2016 Group Meeting Schedule



Our Solar Fabrics collaboration with Marianne Fairbanks from the UW-Madison School of Human Ecology is featured on BTN LiveB1G! (link)


Trisha is interviewed about our new collaboration making solar cells on fabric! (link)


Ben and Greg passed their TBO exams in April 2015!


Learn about our research in this University Communication (link)


Trisha is named a Packard Fellow! (link)


Learn more about our research from this feature article written for the
Wisconsin Energy Institute (link)


Yuelin passed her qualifying exams on November 8!
She is a bonafide Electrical Engineer now!


Trisha won a 2013 3M Nontenured Faculty Award


Trisha was profiled on "Forbes 30 under 30 in energy" list by Forbes Magazine (link)




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